A Capella Design
  • Emmanuel

    Emmanuel | art director

    Founder of A Capella Design in 1993, Emmanuel is an exceptional human being and one of the greatest graphic designers of all time. This phenomenal (and humble) artist is constantly at the avant-garde of the avant-garde. Emmanuel is also Groucho Marx’s illegitimate son.

  • Marika

    Marika | designer and illustrator

    Marika has been fed fonts, colour swatches and vectored curves since birth. Fortunately for us, she survived that diet and made more than the best of it. Her talent is broad and she never manages to fail at anything - but manages to change hair styles every 3 months.

  • Mario

    Mario | web programmer

    Mario is a young genius programmer specializing in PHP and advanced CSS. He can write custom-made scripts and programs, all within WC3 standards. Mario sometimes speaks a language unknown to humans. He wanted to call his baby son Wall-E. His wife refused.

  • Manuela

    Manuela | writer and editor

    Manuela has been writing professionally since 1992. Whatever the style, she’s got it covered: providing dazzling ad lines, juicing up corporate language, even writing funny bits. Manuela is also a very talented proofreader. Typos beware.

  • Yves

    Yves | thinker and creator

    Yves is one of the funniest man alive... google "funny", you’ll see HIS picture! But most of all he’s a man of ideas, brillant ideas. His mind is filled with them and his imagination never seems to dry up. From ad campaigns to communication plans, he is always ready for a good brainstorm.

  • Peggy

    Peggy | designer and illustrator

    Peggy is our little gem from Winnipeg. She’s a multi-style illustrator and an experienced designer and typographer - not many of those are still alive and in captivity. She also writes music and sings in her own band called Dryer. Let’s hope we don’t lose her to the music industry.